Audio for Journalen

Adding embedded audio content is now fully supported.
Mandag, 24 september, 2012 - 13:16

Soundcloud and Radio HiOA

  • Upload your sound file to Soundcloud Radio HiOA
    (Sign in, continue with Google account, radiohioa)
  • (Password details from your teacher or documentation)
  • Give it a title that reflects its content (#tag it as well if you wish to)
  • Add a picture to it (recommended)
  • Make sure the track is marked as Public (share on facebook can be turned off if you wish.)
  • Click OK
  • Click on Go to you track
  • Click on Share
  • Copy its URL web address
  • Find where in your Journalen article you want to paste your audio player
  • Click on Add Media button (second last on the Body field tool bar)
  • Click on the Web tab
  • Paste in the URL
  • Click on Next. Click on Send.


MP3 audio player (Inline)

This will create an audio player in your Body text.. More than one file can be included per article. 

  • Export your audio content to an MP3 file in your sound editing program. (Use CBR Constant Bit Rate 128kbps when you make your mp3)
  • In Drupal find where you want to embed the audio
  • Click on the Add Media button (second to last in the Body field toolbar)
  • Last opp you MP3 file (max size 50mb)
  • Click Next when the upload is complete
  • Click Send to confirm

Poison - Alice Cooper